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The Inspector™ Camera with DVR + Monitor

Price: $2,895.00

New Blue Inspector™ Camera with Portable Battery Operated Monitor with DVR and Amplified Omni Directional Microphone The Inspector™ camera is the ONLY furnace inspection camera on the market today that utilizes a high definition - high resolution camera and monitor. All other cameras use a basic modified home security camera that is low resolution and never intended to see small cracks inside of furnace heat exchangers. The Inspector™ camera stands alone as the best way to use infrared technology and high resolution imaging combined with a true macro lens to see an extremely high quality and close-up view of the hidden conditions of furnace heat exchangers. We have financing available for all models. To find out more about our financing program, please call us at 888-814-8540 or In Canada call 630-690-0352.

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