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The Inspector™ Camera

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What Can The Inspector™ Camera Do?

The Inspector™ camera is the ONLY furnace inspection camera on the market today that utilizes a high definition – high resolution camera and monitor. All other cameras use a basic modified home security camera that is low resolution and never intended to see small cracks inside of furnace heat exchangers.


The Inspector™ infrared video inspection camera allows you to clearly see the holes, cracks, rust, or corrosion damage inside any furnace. It’s the world’s first and leading heat exchanger video inspection camera, with an infrared, high-resolution camera mounted on a 37-inch wand that is attached to its very own display monitor. The Inspector™ camera is available with the option of a DVR for digital documentation of your inspections.


The Inspector™ camera is not just an excellent furnace heat exchanger inspection device, it also perfectly addresses the need for an inspection tool to check out evaporator coils or inaccessible blowers, condensate pans (without having to opening up sheet metal plenums).


Published by Ronnoco Publishing, A Consumer’s Guide to Water Heater Maintenance Book, is a flip chart book your technician can use in the presence of a homeowner during the Inspector™ safety inspection of their water heater. The Guide shows photos of water heaters that have already ruptured. The customer is invited to observe the infrared inspection process and make their own decision about replacement. The guide also includes a complimentary video training tape.

For about seven years the Inspector™ camera system was the only inspection system on the market and the results that HVAC contractors got were amazing to say the least. However, in recent years the market has been flooded with extremely cheap knock-offs and the resulting drop in inspection quality has been a disaster. More and more professional inspection services are denouncing video inspections as ineffective and such poor quality that they actually don’t recommend video inspections at all.

That’s a real shame because the Inspector™ camera stands alone as the best way to use infrared technology and high resolution imaging combined with a true macro lens to see an extremely high quality and close-up view of the hidden conditions of furnace heat exchangers.

One of the major universal results of the companies utilizing the cheap knock-off cameras is that nothing happens. That’s right, not much of anything happens because the cameras are such low resolution that they don’t clearly show the image detail that allows homeowners to basically trust what the technician is showing them. The Inspector™ image speaks for itself and it is quite literally very clear as to what the customer is seeing. On the other hand, with a cheap knock-off camera, the technician is almost always in the position of trying to explain or even interpret what the customer is seeing. This puts the homeowner in the awkward position of either taking a leap of faith in the technician and believing what he is telling them, or simply ignoring what the technician says about heat exchanger failure in the belief that the technician is simply trying to sell them a furnace they most likely don’t even need.

Basically two main trust gaps are created in the scenario of a technician assuming that a homeowner will blindly trust them. The obvious problem is a visual one. With the cheap low-res cameras, there is no true detail in the image, so the customer is not sure at all of what they are viewing. This problem is eliminated when using the Inspector™ camera because the image the homeowner is shown is true high resolution. Another aspect of the clarity of the image a homeowner sees with the Inspector™ camera is the fact that the image is true infrared. The ability of infrared imaging is in the way an image is able to be defined. The US military uses infrared imaging for the very same reason that the Inspector™ camera does. They use it because infrared much more clearly defines the contrast of a portrayed image.

For example, if looking at rust and corrosion with an infrared camera, the details are clearly presented in brightly contrasted shades of what is called ‘Duotone’ or halftone reproduction of an image (in this case one of black and gray contrasting pixels). Competitors wrongly try to cheapen the value of infrared imaging by claiming that the Inspector™ is merely a black and white camera. The Inspector™ is anything but a black and white video camera. This is a dishonest attempt to devalue a superior product and throw up a smoke screen as to the fact that their inferior resolution cameras fail to show a clear enough image for the average homeowner to believe in and trust.

The other credibility gap the technicians experiences is when he tries to use himself as their own authority. This is always a huge mistake because it is simply too much to ask the general public to blindly trust yet another in-home service person simply because they make an unsubstantiated claim of system failure. And the key word here is unsubstantiated. The HVAC technician should never put the homeowner in the position of blindly trusting what they say.

For that reason it is very highly recommended that every technician use The Documentation Book of Furnace Heat Exchanger Failure as a third party authority. In this way the technician can show the homeowner documented photos in the book, confirming that what the technician is showing them with the Inspector™ camera is indeed failure. Of course, it is absolutely imperative that the HVAC technician be honest and 100% accurate in his discovery of furnace heat exchanger failure. Here again, the problem with a low resolution camera is that even the technician himself can never be certain of what he has found because of the lack of image detail.


The Inspector™ camera is a true infrared camera system. Others may tout that their system is a color system, and while that would be a good thing if this were a television. It is the worst thing possible for a heat exchanger inspection camera. Here is the key: Infrared photography shows up corrosion within a furnace heat exchanger very dramatically, but color cameras completely miss the corrosion. The Inspector™ is not a black and white camera. The Inspector™ is a true high resolution infrared camera, and infrared can only be viewed on a ‘Duotone’ monitor (as previously explained).

Never Obsolete

The Inspector™ camera has gone through several upgrades and improvements over the years. The amazing thing with the Inspector™ camera is that unlike the world of computers (where your product becomes obsolete the moment you purchase it) the Inspector™ cameras of the past are all completely upgradeable to a newer model or to our newest model. With the Inspector™ camera, you are never penalized for wisely investing in our system today. There is no need to wait till tomorrow so as not to get caught in the obsolete equipment game.

Safety Inspections & Ethics

With today’s liability situation, HVAC companies need to do a very thorough and complete safety inspection of a homeowner’s furnace and heat exchanger. Only about 20% of the surface of a heat exchanger can actually be viewed with a flashlight and a mirror. With today’s technology, claiming to have done a complete examination of a heat exchanger without an inspection camera, borders on fraud, or at the very least, it would be incompetent.

Yes, the Inspector camera is more expensive than those toy-like low resolution cameras, however the detail images that you are able to show to your clients will pay for itself in no time at all. Most companies that buy The Inspector have reported that the camera pays for itself in less than a week! We have found that technicians with little to no training on the camera will set up more leads than they did before and not only that, these leads sell! Most companies report that the closing rate on these leads is more than 80%. When you add in the Focus on Finding Failure training, that closing rate will skyrocket! In our own company, we have averaged a closing rate of 93.7% on Inspector leads in the last 5 years! The best part is that The Inspector offers a 30 day Money Back Guarantee so there are no worries!

There is a substantial difference in the results and the ability to find existing failure between the two types of cameras. There is the Inspector™ camera, and basically there are the toy type low resolution cameras. Don’t go cheap on your ability to be a true professional HVAC contractor with truly professional equipment. Separate yourself from competitors who only pretend to have the homeowner’s true safety and best interest at heart.

Shamrock Industries, Inc. will happily provide you with a free audio CD called ‘HVAC With No Apologies Necessary’. This CD is of an HVAC talk show hosted by John Small of “Great Spots, Inc.” and has many amazing stories from actual HVAC contractors who have experienced tremendous success and business growth with the implementation of the Inspector™ camera and the professional training class called “Focus on Finding Failure” presented by the inventor of the Inspector™ camera, Tom O’Connor. Call today to receive your free audio CD ‘HVAC With No Apologies Necessary’