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Homeowner’s Guide to Understanding Air Conditioner Repair

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An HVAC Technician's Communication Tool

The Homeowner's Guide to Understanding Air Conditioning Repair

  • A technician's tool to communicate in a consumer's language, individual Air Conditioner repairs and to guide the customers to the logic of a comprehensive repair, rather than a quick fix.
  • A tool aimed at guiding customers away from a simple quick fix. Encouraging a wider diagnostic view that includes correcting actual root causes of a problem, rather than simply addressing symptoms.
  • An authoritative guide, containing third party recommendations for possible additional repair or replace options.
  • An almost 'MapQuest' type of laid out road trip that takes your customer from the point of what the technician has diagnosed to a desirable conclusion of doing what is truly in the best interest of the customer.
  • To be a credible third party source to guide consumers toward repair/replace choices that are truly in their best interest.
  • A publication that is favorable to an HVAC contractor's perspective in the area of customer relations, repair explanations and recommendations. And always with the customer's best interest in mind.
  • A pro-contractor approach enabling a customer to understand how one symptom can have multiple possible causes of failure, and often times a combination of root failures.

A tool guiding customers away from a simple quick fix. Encouraging a wider view that includes correcting root causes of a problem, rather than addressing symptoms. The guide suggests equipment replacement when advisable.

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