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THE DOCUMENTATION BOOK – Furnace Heat Exchanger Failure

Sometimes technicians need A BACK-UP AUTHORITY. They need the Documentation Book for furnace heat exchanger failure!

It’s been estimated that 10,200,000 lawsuits are filed every year at a cost of over $200 BILLION annually. This amounts to two percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product. In today’s litigious society, you MUST protect your company, yourself and your employees. Take action! When you order copies of “The Documentation Book of Furnace Heat Exchanger Failure,” you’ll learn how to properly document furnace heat exchanger failure to protect your company. (Yes, you CAN be held liable!) Plus, your technicians will learn how to spot furnace failure more quickly, have an added tool to use with homeowners and dramatically increase sales!

This highly informative book contains over 363 high resolution photos of heat exchanger failure, representing 109 different furnaces. It’s a communication tool and an authoritative publication that will quickly become an indispensable tool and sales aid.

No technician in your company should enter a client’s home without it! It can pay for itself the first time you use it! Value Priced at $58.95